Bedtime with Ella and Charlie

Ella has always been great at going to bed however since I started reading her bedtime story in her room, she has become very demanding that I stay until she is asleep. Tonight, I’ve started to try and break the habit and left just before she went off – it seemed to work OK.

We’ve also just put Ella into her own small single bed over the last couple of weeks. The idea was to get her out of her cot and settled before we put Charlie in. Last night was our first night of them both sleeping in the same room.

Charlie was fine but Ella had an unsettled night – she seems to have developed a bit of a sniffle and has her 2 eye teeth coming through.

Ella was sleeping by 8.00 and Charlie was down about 8.30pm, hopefully we won’t see them until morning!


Bedtime with Ella and Charlie

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