Its Friday…

Melbourne definitely has an autumnal feel, with the leaves nearly all off the trees now and some cooler weather this week. Although today was a very pleasant 20 degrees and forecast for 21 over the weekend. Winter officially begins here on the 1st of June….just not Scottish style!Our plans this weekend include K and I having a rare visit to the ‘local’ for a drink tonight. Tomorrow we have Charlie’s jags, a visit to the toy library and Ella has a hair appointment! Tomorrow is Scottish Cup Final day so going to watch it with Neil (another exiled Scot).

Happy Dad!


Its Friday…

2 thoughts on “Its Friday…

  1. Jilly says:

    The local?!?! Is auntie Maz in charge of the children? Dave and I were at pub last night. Only had a couple and still feel a bit hungover today. Must be getting old!

  2. alandonaldson says:

    The local is the Gunn Island in Middle Park….we didn’t make it in the end! I did however make it out to watch the football last night so a bit tender today!! I must be getting old too…..

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