Christmas in July

Our Christmas in July celebration was a great success (well in our eyes anyway & hopefully our guests thought so too!!). Festivities started around 2 when the first drinks were poured and the unnecessary pre-dinner nibbles were opened. We were joined by Amanda, Neil & Kirsteen (all from home) and Whitney, Brian & Maddie (our American friends).

There was frantic activity in the kitchen as Mhairi & I began to appreciate what Mum does every year to get everything ready at the same time – no mean feat! I should say that Mhairi deserves most of the credit here as I was otherwise engaged feeding Charlie when everything was ready to be served. Still, the turkey was declicious. We’d even managed to source Christmas Pudding which was a ‘first’ for Whitney & Brian.

The drinks were flowing and secret santa (or Kris Kringle as its known here) was a hit. Ella and Maddie were in fantastic form and played happily together. The poor rabbit was tormented though.

After dinner we attempted to play a Musical Boardgame but I think a combination of too much alcohol and the fact it was Australian made us all equally poor at it so it was quickly abandoned. Thereafter a few renditions of “If It Wisnae fir yir Wellies” began leaving poor Brian clueless as to what was being said. The Scottish accent definitely becomes somewhat harder to understand when its alcohol-fuelled.

I’m sure the neighbours were delighted when we decided it was a good idea to push each other around on Ella’s Wheelie Bug, not recommended for anyone over 36mths. The walls & floors have the scars to prove it. I gave up after this realising it was 1:45 and I’d be getting back up to feed Charlie in a few hours. The partying went on until around 4 with Mhairi, Amanda, Brian and Neil the last men standing.

As you can imagine the house was a lot quieter on Sunday morning when I woke with Charlie at 6. Thankfully he went back asleep and Ella had a long lie after all her excitement. There were a few unexplained occurences – a random dining chair in the bathroom, dirty dishes stacked and put away in the cupboards. Then there was the bottle count – a bottle of whisky, a bottle of gin, 40 beers, half bottle bacardi, 6 bottles of wine and a half bottle of port. Poor Alan felt physically sick at the sight!

Apart from a few sore heads everyone looked remarkably good the next day (maybe except Alan). Mhairi claimed to have no hangover, Brian had managed wine with Sunday brunch, Amanda was up and about leaving only Alan & Neil to feel sorry for themselves on their respective sofas.

Roll on next year’s festivities…………….

Maddie & Ella


Christmas in July

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. Yeah that wine on Sunday was a big mistake…. it only delayed the hangover. I swear I still feel it today! I think I remember the singing but I couldnt understand Alan or Neil after they got their drink on anyway so I could have just interpreted it as normal Scottish. Though I would agree that Alan is a bit harder to understand after 8 pints.

    Thanks again for having us… the food was spectacular. Send the bread sauce recipe if you get a chance.

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