Out of Quarantine

After a week spent pretty much indoors as we all suffered from cold/flu symptoms I figured it was time we got ourselves back into the land of the living.  Ella & Charlie didn’t know what had hit them this morning as I hurried them around to get out the door for 9 to go to playgroup.  Charlie snoozed on the way and Ella delighted in singing and reeling off the names of all the friends she was about to see.  She had an absolute ball tearing around the place with all the other children and spent a fair amount of time at the drawing table creating some masterpieces!  Charlie was good as gold and rolled around the floor putting any toy he could find into his mouth – I’m sure those teeth must be coming soon.

This afternoon we went along to the park, well Ella pushed Charlie in the pram insisting “Mummy not push Charlie, Ella do it”.   We stopped in the cafe for coffee & baby cino with Ella’s friend Zoe and her mum Bertie then met up with William and his mum Jenni in the park.  The three of them battled over turns on the slide.

Tomorrow morning we’re hoping to get to storytime at the library if all goes according to plan in the morning…….


Out of Quarantine

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