Return of Junior

Junior, the rabbit that we’ve been looking after for Matthew, went back to his home today. Ella and I returned it this afternoon, Ella was surprisingly OK with it all. She had taken to him over the last 2 weeks and always asked for him to be brought into the house. She also became quite comfortable with picking him up, although the poor rabbit didn’t look quite as relaxed about it!

Ella also got a new easel today which is an early birthday present from her Grandma and Grandpa Donaldson. I can’t believe she is going to be 2 next week. Kirstin and Mhairi did the market run early this morning for our weekly fruit and veggies, then Ella and I headed off to IKEA. We got there for it opening at 10am which is definitely the best time to go. IKEA isn’t my favourite place to visit as it is usually manic…..although  I am partial to a hotdog!!

Ella and I also visited the pub yesterday (I’m also partial to a beer), there is now a smoking ban in public places similar to Scotland here in Victoria, so the pub is now child friendly….yippee.

Return of Junior

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