The last week of winter…..

and it’s 25 degrees today! The weather has certainly improved over the last couple of weeks and we’ve enjoyed some gorgeous early spring days. It obviously can still get cool and bad weather may just be around the corner but it’s definitely improving. I read the other day that the long term forecast has now changed again and the drought and hot summers look odds on to continue again. Apparently there is a LaNina (opposite of El Nino) effect going on in the Pacific ocean which if continues long term can bring significant changes to weather patterns but now the outlook is that it may only last this year…so its back to being El Scorchio for us.

Longer days too, which means I’m now experiencing the sun rising when I’m out for my early morning run. I generally run along the foreshore at St Kilda. It’s just such a fantastic run, jogging along the beach edge past the piers, walkways and marina’s. Its also amazing how many people are out there doing stuff.


Happy Charlie Boy

The last week of winter…..

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