An Epic Journey

Kirstin, Ella and Charlie are going to Scotland for a two week trip. They arrive on the 15th October and leave again on the 28th. We’ve been planning it for a while but it took a long time to get the passport and visa sorted out for Charlie.

It will obviously be a challenging trip for K on her own but she is really excited about seeing her Mum and Dad again. I’m sure she’ll also be delighted to show off both Ella and Charlie as they’re both wee crackers! (although I may be biased somewhat).

I’ll miss them all terribly when they are away but I’m sure the time for me will go quick and I know how much Kirstin wants to make the trip. It’ll also be the first time that my mum and dad will have met Charlie and also Kirstins granny. I’m sure there will be tears when she arrives and tears when she leaves. It’s always difficult going back, it’s something that you long to do but is quite unsettling too.

Kirstin and I were reflecting on it last night and we were saying to Ella that she was going home to Scotland, but of course home for Ella is Melbourne and I’m sure it must be a bit odd for her working it all out.  Typically, I’m going to China on a business trip next week, so more time away from them!


An Epic Journey

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