My visit to China and Hong Kong

Last week I had a business trip to visit a supplier in Shenzhen (pronounced shinzin) in China. I left on the Tuesday lunchtime and arrived in Hong Kong late on Tuesday evening. There is only a 2 hour time difference between Melbourne and HK so it isn’t too bad from a jet lag point of view.
The following morning I took the 1 hour ferry trip to Shenzhen. I was completely amazed at the size of the place. It currently has around 9 million people although the folks I was with told me it was around 13 million. Astonishingly only 20 years ago it was just a small fishing port! Anyway, I think I must have seen all of the 9 million people over the 2 days!!

I don’t think anyone lives in normal houses – it’s all high rise apartments. It was also very hot and very very humid.

It’s amazing to think that our cultures are so different and yet only a few hours apart.

The food was also an experience – I don’t think cold pickled chicken feet will be top of my culinary wish list. I had a great trip though and the people were very friendly and my hotel was better, bigger and cleaner than those in HK (and much, much cheaper). Luckily, the marketing manager from the supplier I was visiting could speak pretty good English, otherwise it would have been quite a tough trip.

I was back in HK on Thursday evening and managed some time to look around before I flew back on Friday evening.


My visit to China and Hong Kong

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