Airport Emotions

Airports are quite an emotional place…Sadness in departures for families and friends parting…excitement from holiday-makers leaving for an impending adventure and joy in arrivals as children, parents and grandparents are re-united.

For me, this was the sadness in watching my family disappear into the departures area, my daughter in her pj’s holding mummy’s hand pushing the stroller with Charlie wide eyed. Although I know it is only a couple of weeks and the time will fly, I really will miss them and I’m really looking forward to seeing them come through that security door looking very tired.

It will be a roller coaster few days and weeks for Kirstin as she gets over leaving me here in Melbourne then 24 hours later seeing her Mum & Dad again, introducing Charlie to her Granny, my Mum and Dad and all our friends in Scotland, then saying good-bye again before being happy (hopefully) at seeing me in the arrivals hall in 2 weeks time.

Airport Emotions

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