Fun and Games in Scotland

We arrived into Glasgow airport to be greeted by very excited grandparents oh, and the small matter of dull, wet typical Scottish weather!   We were without luggage and our pram but nevertheless delighted to be off the aeroplane after the long journey.  Our luggage arrived on Wednesday and the pram is damaged but we’re taking it all in our stride.

Ella & Charlie are having an absolute ball and are thriving on all the attention.  I’m delighted to say Ella wasn’t strange in any way with her Grandma & Grandad – probably thanks to our weekly chats with them on skype. 

Ella chatters away all the time and she’s keeping everyone amused.  Today in the car on the way to visit her Great-Granny she said “lots of big balls mummy” as she pointed into the fields.  These were in fact Hay Bales.  She keeps asking “What’s going on Grandad?”  much to his amusement.  As I type she’s sitting on his knee watching Jungle Book – I’m not sure who is having more fun as they’re both giggling away.

Charlie has been tucked up in bed since 6:30 so no doubt we’ll be seeing him again for more milk in a few hours.  He’s becoming more of a livewire by the day (as if he wasn’t before we left) and just wants to stand all the time.  He’s pulling himself up on everything from the coffee table to the sofa – I think we could have an early walker on our hands soon!  I expect this is going to make our return flight interesting…

It’s great being home and seeing all my friends & family but I’m missing Alan terribly and can’t wait to see him.  Ella keeps asking for ‘Daddy cuddles’ which I’m sure she’ll be inundated with on our return. 


Fun and Games in Scotland

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