A Trip to the Farm

I left a very excited Ella in the care of Grandma & Grandad on Monday morning – they were taking her to Eastlinks Family Park while Charlie & I headed into Edinburgh to meet my friend Jo and her little boy Wilbur for lunch.

Ella was singing on the way “We’re all going to the farm today, farm today, farm today” followed by “We’re all going to see the cows…pigs….sheep…horses today”.

She saw chickens, turkeys, rabbits and believe it or not wallabies including an albino wallaby which she was fascinated by. She climbed high up on hay bales with Grandad to see the scarecrow at the top. They moved on to feed the ponies which Ella did quite happily but after keeping her hand flat for them to eat she curled her fingers and got a nasty bite. There were many tears and she’s still walking round protectivley nursing her thumb.

ella on hay bales

There was some distraction activity in driving the tractor but then it was time for picnic lunch. They ended the day with a ride on the train which goes around the park. Ella found it most amusing that the train was being chased by black sheep.

Ella on the train at the farm

Ella’s been telling me all about it and I know Grandma & Grandad just loved spending the day with her.


A Trip to the Farm

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