The Donaldson Family

Alan’s parents arranged a family gathering last Sunday for everyone to catch up.  It was lovely for Ella to see her Aunties, Uncles and cousins again and for everyone to meet Charlie for the first time.  Ella enjoyed playing with Noah although it was odd seeing her following him around as the older one in charge (he’s almost 6).  They were building with lego and piling up all Grandma’s cushions on the floor before diving over them – completely fearless!  I was ok with it until Charlie joined in and then I left his supervision to my dad……I was sure he was going to take a tumble. 

Charlie also decided it was a great time to start climbing stairs – under the watchful eye of Uncle Alex he made his way up 8 steps.  Naturally it ended in tears but they’ll be the first of many as he gets more adventurous.

Fun was had by all and I certainly had 2 very tired children who were so ready for sleep by the end.


The Donaldson Family

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