Coming home

My family are now on their way home….for me – at last, but I’m sure our family in Scotland will be sad to see them go! I’m really looking forward to seeing them in the Airport on Tuesday morning. They arrive around 1.30am, so I’ve no idea how Ella and Charlie will be…it could be a long night and an unsettled few days.

While they’ve been gone, spring has definitely arrived in Melbourne, we’ve had a few days with the temperature getting into the 30’s. Yesterday was one of those days which we spent sitting outside having a bbq and a some beers. A few of our friends came round and we had a really good time with Neil in particularly fine form.

Jill and Dave, (k’s sis and husband) have been here since last weekend and in record time managed to find a house to rent which they get the keys for on Tuesday. Their house is not far from us and Dave and I are about equi-distant from the local pub! Kirstin will be pleased to have her sister living quite close though Mhairi is also coming back from Scotland next week so it will be nice for the three sisters to be back in one country again.

Coming home

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