Come on Melbourne….

This weekend has been great fun with our family and we’ve enjoyed some fantastic Melbourne spring weather. On Friday after work I met Kirstin, Ella and Charlie in Middle Park and we sat outside having a couple of drinks. Jill and Dave (K’s sis and hubby) came down and met us and we enjoyed a nice bottle of Shiraz.

On Saturday, we went to Cowderoy’s Dairy (our local Milk Bar – a Milk Bar in Aus is a type of small general store come cafe) for breakfast and after we had a play in the adjacent park.

Climbing at Cowderoy

Uside down Ella

In the afternoon we went swimming, Ella for some reason has developed a fear of the teaching pool and we’re keen to get her over it. She is great in the water generally but has a real fear of this one pool. Ella and I then headed off to meet with my friend Neil to go and watch the football game in the evening between Melbourne and Sydney. It is the biggest fixture in football here and it was Ella’s 2nd game. She has been looking forward to it all week and she had an absolute ball. Before the game we always go into the bar in the stadium which has the most fantastic outlook over the ground. This is Neil and Ella in the bar when we first arrived – as you can see Ella is proudly wearing her new Melbourne strip!

Neil and Ella at Telstra

After a fairly quiet 1st half she really got into the swing of things in the 2nd half,running up and down the aisle keeping everyone around us amused often shouting out “Come on Melbourne!!”

Come on Melbourne

This is the crowd at the game and the view from where we sit…

Crowd at Telstra

Sunday involved me taking Charlie to his water awareness class and then I took him on a 10k run, although for him it meant being pushed in his pram while sleeping! It was about 10am but already it was very warm which makes the running that bit harder. Around 12 we met up with Mark and his son, Hugh, for a coffee and baby cino, sitting outside at one of the many Middle Park cafes. We then met up with Clint, Marie and their son Frankie in the park and yet another visit to a cafe for some more coffee. It is one of the problems of such a cafe culture is that you can consume far too much caffeine! That brings us to the end of a typical Melbourne weekend for us – lots of parks, coffee, wine, friends, sitting outside and football – I suppose someone has to do it!!

Come on Melbourne….

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