Trip to the Zoo

Uncle Dave and I took Ella & Charlie on a visit to the zoo on Tuesday. When we arrived our Scottish accents encouraged the fellow Scotsman who was working the ticket booth to let us in for concessionary price – not a bad start to the day! We set off in earnest with Charlie happily in the pram and Ella marching out in front proudly carrying her ‘Fifi’ bag on her arm. We visited the gorillas, lions, elephants, monkeys (a favourite with Ella) and orangutans before stopping for some lunch. While Charlie had his lunch, Dave took Ella to see the elephants having a wash, she had other ideas and decided to put on a little show of her own:

After lunch Ella walked ahead demanding to see “More Animals”. By now the sun had come out and it was around 27 degrees, Charlie had a sleep and poor Uncle Dave was very obliging when Ella insisted on being up on his shoulders for better viewing. We visited the platypus, kangaroos, wombats, koalas, bears, giraffes, zebras….in fact most of the animals in the zoo!!

Ella & Uncle Dave

After a well deserved ice-cream for our efforts Dave & I packed Ella & Charlie into the car and within 10 minutes they were both fast asleep. Five hours in the zoo had obviously taken it out of them!

Mummy, Ella & Charlie


Trip to the Zoo

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