Summer Fun

We headed over to the beach this morning, thankfully it was a good few degrees cooler than yesterday.  We had fun paddling, building sandcastles and playing with Ella’s new beachball.  Alan tried to convince Ella to go for a swim but she’s still a bit timid of the sea and all Charlie wanted to do was eat sand.  The three amigos….


We spent a lazy afternoon around the house with visits from Jill & Dave and Blanche.  It was a beautiful evening so we had dinner al fresco.  Charlie had a ball as you can see.



Summer Fun

Phew….it’s hotting up!

We’re in for a spell of hot weather over the next 5 days or so. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and the mercury is tipping 37.4. It’s way too hot to venture out with Ella and Charlie so we let them splash in the paddling pool for a while before lunch…..hilarious!!



Both babies are asleep right now dressed only in nappies as its 27 degrees in their bedroom. I’m taking Ella round to her friend Zoe’s this afternoon for a splash in her pool to keep them cool.

Here’s a picture of the girls stopping for a snack after their paddling.


A cool change came through around 4 and the temperature dropped 13 degrees within the hour, something we are definitely not used to in Scotland. Whilst we were paddling, Alan and Charlie were in our local enjoying a cold beer with Marky.


Phew….it’s hotting up!

Boxing Day

The morning after the night before is always interesting, some of us were feeling worse than others particularly when we looked at the number of empties!! Charlie was looking very patriotic dressed in his new rugby top from Santa (a.k.a Auntie Jill & Uncle Dave).


Ella was desperate to see Hugh so we wandered round the deserted streets of Middle Park to their house.  Hugh keenly showed her how to work his new fire engine, thomas train set, drills and medical set.  Her beloved ‘Marky’ was playing around to her chant of “Its not funny Marky” whilst giggling furiously.


We all headed over to the local park and Charlie loved the swing.


The walk home is only about 10 minutes but both babies fell asleep in the pram.  Later in the afternoon Jill & Dave and Blanche joined us for more food and a few beers.  It’s all good!


Boxing Day

Christmas Day

Happy 1st Christmas Charlie…..

Charlie woke at 6 and we woke Ella at 7, parents excitement taking over the children’s. We opened their stockings in their bedroom, Charlie had no idea what was happening but Ella delighted in ripping open parcels as you can see.


When we went through to the living room it took Ella a few minutes to spot her dolls house but when she did she said “Wow, its for Ella”.


It took a while to get her interest back to opening parcels. Charlie got into the dolls house whenever she wasn’t looking and happily played with his new stacking cups, puzzles etc. His rocking horse was also a hit.



We definitely spent a good few hours opening parcels before it was time to get organised for friends arriving. Around 2 people started arriving and by 3 I’d say the afternoon, and drinks, were in full swing. Lots of yummy food on the BBQ followed by some backyard cricket.


Some pictures from the festivities…..

Ella in her party dress.


Charlie eating chocolate and admiring his rocking horse.


Sisters, sisters…..


Ella and Madeleine relaxing.

But not so impressed spectating at the backyard cricket.

Mhairi and Harry.


Alan and Neil after a few (many) beers.


Harry, Neil, Brian and Alan towards the end of the evening!


Yes, its a drunken Neil playing on the Wheely Bug AGAIN!!


Lots of fun was had by all.


Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

There’s definitely something about spending Christmas in the sun which sits uneasily with Scottish blood. Its enough to say that when Alan left to take Ella to nursery (usually there on a Wed but its a public hol this week) she was dressed in summer clothing and it just felt nothing like Christmas eve. I spent the day doing last bits and pieces and then Charlie & I went to Alan’s new offices to help get him organised!! Charlie has no fear and quite happily crawled around exploring the warehouse and attempted to climb the stairs alone. I fully anticipate a very active toddler.

We all picked Ella up from nursery and she was delighted to see us. Before we left we went into her new room as she moves up at the start of 2008 into an older age grouping. Thankfully she seems okay with the move and the centre have done some orientation to familiarise those moving with what will be their new ‘home’.

Back at home there was much excitement from Ella that Santa was coming. To keep her occupied we decorated the Christmas cookies we made yesterday then she helped me get dinner organised. Dave and Harry joined us for dinner and it was all too much for Charlie….


Once Charlie woke it was bathtime and the long slog to convince Ella bed was a good option. Here she is cuddling Sammy before heading off to bed (quite happily as she “don’t want to see Santa mummy”.



Christmas Eve

Christmas with Friends

On Sunday we went to the Roti Man (fabulous local Indian restaurant) with friends for dinner. There were a fair few of us – Alan & I, Ella, Charlie, Mhairi, Blanche, Fiona, Mark, Hugh, Rory, Aoife, Whitney & bump, Brian and Maddie. It was great to have everyone together and our 3 toddlers lasted the pace well, stopping the singing and running round to grab a bite to eat now and again.

Ella having a ball with her friends:


Christmas Toddlers:


Hugh, Ella’s very best friend:


The younger family members (Charlie & Rory) were in good form and reveling in all the attention. I’d been worried about taking Charlie as he can get very cranky around bedtime but there were enough distractions to keep him occupied and he went asleep as soon as we got home. Here they are….

Rory with his Daddy and Alan:


A festive Charlie:


Naturally everyone is missing the traditions of Christmas at home with family and friends (well maybe not the cold weather) but the children know no different and its all for them. Merry Christmas everyone…..


Christmas with Friends

Catching up with Friends

We spent today catching up with friends before the Christmas holidays. It’s been a thoroughly miserable day of thunderstorms so at least a car trip got us out and about.

This morning we visited Amanda, Olivia and Sophie. Ella and Olivia spent most of the time running up and down the hallway with Charlie in hot pursuit. Sophie was happily taking it all in from afar! There was too much hilarity for a posed photo.


We then headed to Dora’s house for lunch with Daniel and baby Yianni. Ella and Daniel played, Charlie cruised the furniture, Yianni slept while Dora and I caught up on all our news. Here’s Ella and Daniel (I couldn’t get them both to stand still!).


Catching up with Friends