All is Well

Today Charlie is 100% back to his normal self and his appetite has returned.  It was a long few days trying to persuade him of the benefits of drinking milk or water just to keep his fluids up – particularly yesterday when the temp reached 32 degrees!

Alan returned from his business trip to China this morning and Ella was delighted to see him when we got home from Gymbaroo.  Excitement took over and there was no convincing her to go down for her lunchtime nap.

We all headed into the city this afternoon to visit Santa.  Ella was extremely apprehensive and cuddled close into Daddy, Charlie less so but neither of them would sit with Santa for a photo.  This didn’t stop Ella stating that “Santa brings parcels”.  Our Christmas tree arrives tomorrow so we’ll have fun decorating it with her.


All is Well

One thought on “All is Well

  1. Ricky Gall says:

    Hi folks,great to hear Charlie is back to his best after being poorly.
    It sounds to me like you are having a whale of a time down under.My new grandson arrived yesterday at 10.15am both mum a nd the baby are doing fine.Alan it would be great to hear from you.All the best.Rickster

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