Daddy’s Home and a Visit to Santa

I know this posting is late but here I go anyway….

Last Friday morning Ella was in good form and very excited that Daddy was coming home (he’s been away in China with work). Getting her ready for her gymbaroo class was a challenge as she was so preoccupied with ‘Daddy’s on the aeroplane coming to see Ella’.


They were both absolutely delighted to see Alan and gave him huge cuddles. We decided to take them to see Santa in the afternoon at David Jones (department store). I fully expected it to be busy but we walked straight in. Ella had a turn on the carousel and Charlie looked on eagerly….next year for him!



Neither Ella nor Charlie were very sure of Santa and clung onto Alan & I. They were happy to talk to him but we certainly weren’t going to get any family snaps with Santa! We spent some time playing in Santa’s grotto before Charlie decided enough was enough and tried to escape…..



Daddy’s Home and a Visit to Santa

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