Preparations for Christmas

We gave in and put up the Christmas tree on the weekend with the usual trials and tribulations as Alan tried to get it to balance in its pot. Ella loved helping with the decorations and placing the parcels under the tree. I’ve been telling her that Santa will visit her house and bring some parcels to which she responded ‘He’ll come when Ella’s asleep’ – from that I gathered that she doesn’t want to see him again after her visit last week. Here’s the tree…..not sure if it’ll last to Christmas day in the heat but fingers crossed.


The plan for Christmas day is completely non-traditional for us – salads and easy cook food on the BBQ. Hopefully we’ll have a nice day and the children can play outside. There’s going to be a fair crowd of us so it should be fun. There’ll be Jill & Dave, Mhairi & Harry, Whitney, Brian & Maddie, Neil & Kirsteen and Jamie & Mark. In typical Scottish fashion I’m sure lots of drink will be taken.


Preparations for Christmas

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