A Busy Day….

This morning Ella’s little friend Olivia came over to play for a few hours. Ella has a ‘kitchen’ from the toy library so we set it up out on the decking and they made lunch. It’s lovely to watch the role playing – Olivia must watch her mummy using the microwave and would pretend to press the buttons then take out the bowl, give it a stir and say “It’s not ready yet” before putting it back in for another go. Charlie was doing his best to play alongside but he seemed to be getting in their way!!


After lunch and naps we headed along to one of our local parks for a play date with Hugh, Rory, Harvey & Toby. Its actually quite exhausting and given that only one of the six children (little Rory) isn’t mobile yet meant they were all heading off in different directions. Harvey was chasing away the ducks, Ella was playing with her bubbles, Toby wanted to pick up all the litter and Charlie & Hugh just wanted to play on the park equipment. It’s all good fun.


Tonight was for haircuts. We kept Tara busy this time with Alan then Ella then Hugh. Mark stopped by on his way home from work too so it was great for us all to catch up oh and for the boys to have a beer!!



A Busy Day….

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