Christmas Eve

There’s definitely something about spending Christmas in the sun which sits uneasily with Scottish blood. Its enough to say that when Alan left to take Ella to nursery (usually there on a Wed but its a public hol this week) she was dressed in summer clothing and it just felt nothing like Christmas eve. I spent the day doing last bits and pieces and then Charlie & I went to Alan’s new offices to help get him organised!! Charlie has no fear and quite happily crawled around exploring the warehouse and attempted to climb the stairs alone. I fully anticipate a very active toddler.

We all picked Ella up from nursery and she was delighted to see us. Before we left we went into her new room as she moves up at the start of 2008 into an older age grouping. Thankfully she seems okay with the move and the centre have done some orientation to familiarise those moving with what will be their new ‘home’.

Back at home there was much excitement from Ella that Santa was coming. To keep her occupied we decorated the Christmas cookies we made yesterday then she helped me get dinner organised. Dave and Harry joined us for dinner and it was all too much for Charlie….


Once Charlie woke it was bathtime and the long slog to convince Ella bed was a good option. Here she is cuddling Sammy before heading off to bed (quite happily as she “don’t want to see Santa mummy”.



Christmas Eve

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