Christmas with Friends

On Sunday we went to the Roti Man (fabulous local Indian restaurant) with friends for dinner. There were a fair few of us – Alan & I, Ella, Charlie, Mhairi, Blanche, Fiona, Mark, Hugh, Rory, Aoife, Whitney & bump, Brian and Maddie. It was great to have everyone together and our 3 toddlers lasted the pace well, stopping the singing and running round to grab a bite to eat now and again.

Ella having a ball with her friends:


Christmas Toddlers:


Hugh, Ella’s very best friend:


The younger family members (Charlie & Rory) were in good form and reveling in all the attention. I’d been worried about taking Charlie as he can get very cranky around bedtime but there were enough distractions to keep him occupied and he went asleep as soon as we got home. Here they are….

Rory with his Daddy and Alan:


A festive Charlie:


Naturally everyone is missing the traditions of Christmas at home with family and friends (well maybe not the cold weather) but the children know no different and its all for them. Merry Christmas everyone…..


Christmas with Friends

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