Boxing Day

The morning after the night before is always interesting, some of us were feeling worse than others particularly when we looked at the number of empties!! Charlie was looking very patriotic dressed in his new rugby top from Santa (a.k.a Auntie Jill & Uncle Dave).


Ella was desperate to see Hugh so we wandered round the deserted streets of Middle Park to their house.  Hugh keenly showed her how to work his new fire engine, thomas train set, drills and medical set.  Her beloved ‘Marky’ was playing around to her chant of “Its not funny Marky” whilst giggling furiously.


We all headed over to the local park and Charlie loved the swing.


The walk home is only about 10 minutes but both babies fell asleep in the pram.  Later in the afternoon Jill & Dave and Blanche joined us for more food and a few beers.  It’s all good!


Boxing Day

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