Christmas Day

Happy 1st Christmas Charlie…..

Charlie woke at 6 and we woke Ella at 7, parents excitement taking over the children’s. We opened their stockings in their bedroom, Charlie had no idea what was happening but Ella delighted in ripping open parcels as you can see.


When we went through to the living room it took Ella a few minutes to spot her dolls house but when she did she said “Wow, its for Ella”.


It took a while to get her interest back to opening parcels. Charlie got into the dolls house whenever she wasn’t looking and happily played with his new stacking cups, puzzles etc. His rocking horse was also a hit.



We definitely spent a good few hours opening parcels before it was time to get organised for friends arriving. Around 2 people started arriving and by 3 I’d say the afternoon, and drinks, were in full swing. Lots of yummy food on the BBQ followed by some backyard cricket.


Some pictures from the festivities…..

Ella in her party dress.


Charlie eating chocolate and admiring his rocking horse.


Sisters, sisters…..


Ella and Madeleine relaxing.

But not so impressed spectating at the backyard cricket.

Mhairi and Harry.


Alan and Neil after a few (many) beers.


Harry, Neil, Brian and Alan towards the end of the evening!


Yes, its a drunken Neil playing on the Wheely Bug AGAIN!!


Lots of fun was had by all.


Christmas Day

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