Phew….it’s hotting up!

We’re in for a spell of hot weather over the next 5 days or so. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and the mercury is tipping 37.4. It’s way too hot to venture out with Ella and Charlie so we let them splash in the paddling pool for a while before lunch…..hilarious!!



Both babies are asleep right now dressed only in nappies as its 27 degrees in their bedroom. I’m taking Ella round to her friend Zoe’s this afternoon for a splash in her pool to keep them cool.

Here’s a picture of the girls stopping for a snack after their paddling.


A cool change came through around 4 and the temperature dropped 13 degrees within the hour, something we are definitely not used to in Scotland. Whilst we were paddling, Alan and Charlie were in our local enjoying a cold beer with Marky.


Phew….it’s hotting up!

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