Back to Normality

Well you guys in Scotland may be on a public holiday but not so this side of the world….it was back to work for Alan, off to nursery for Ella and back to normality for Charlie & I.

Charlie & I walked to the market this morning then stopped at the park on the way home.  He’s really started to enjoy the park and loves crawling through the tunnels.

Ella started in her new room at nursery ‘Rosella Roost’.  She was very excited this morning because she goes upstairs to her new room and there would be new toys. She was happy when Alan left her and didn’t want to come home when he went to collect her “not yet Daddy”.  He convinced her when he said mummy was waiting in the park with her friend Olivia.  They met us there with Amanda and Sophie too.  Ella got even more excited when Maddie joined them along with her mum and dad, Whitney & Brian.


I had my first encounter with a Huntsman this evening.  I’d gone through to switch some lights on in the dining room and had leaned down to the socket and when the light came on there it was level with my face on the lampshade… words are not repeatable.  Here is the offending creature.



Back to Normality

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