Hogmanay (or New Years Eve if you’re not Scottish)

It was another scorcher with temps up over 40 again so we were confined to air conditioned spaces for most of the day. Ella & Charlie cooled off in their paddling pool, this picture was taken minutes after Charlie face planted into the garden…he came up smiling and not bothered in the slightest!


Fi, Mark, Hugh, Rory and their friend Paula joined us later for a BBQ and drinks (Alan & Mark held up the drinking side). Ella was so delighted to have Hugh here that they kept themselves entertained for a few hours. Here’s their activities….

A paddling pool stint was followed by posing for pics


Time for a quiet read of some Fifi news


Romantic dinner for Two


General hilarity as they chased each other around



We grabbed a few snaps of little Rory too who was in great form despite being tired waiting for his Daddy and Uncle Alan to quit stretching the beer drinking allowance to the last possible sip…….boys will be boys!



I wasn’t feeling great so left Alan to bring in the new year on his own (well a bottle of vino for company). He proceeded to fall asleep sitting outside on the decking and woke there at 3a.m.


Hogmanay (or New Years Eve if you’re not Scottish)

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