Camping in the Rain

We were excited about our first family camping experience only to have it washed out by the rain….

We headed down to a campsite in Geelong on Friday afternoon and the weather was lovely and warm as we pitched the tent. Both Charlie and Ella settled off to sleep under canvas then about 9p.m. the rain started. We foolishly (for Scottish people) thought it might just be a shower but no, it was on/off until we packed up to head home on Sunday. Such a shame as the campsite had great facilities, pool etc. but the weather wasn’t on our side.

Ella and Charlie had a ball though – here are some pictures.

Should we have read the instructions before leaving home????


Alan – the only one who knew what he was doing!


Fun in the tent


Dinner time for Charlie

Our little camp site


Ella in action


Charlie on Daddy’s chair


Sleeping babies


A messy Charlie as we packed up in the rain


Here’s hoping that next time the sun shines….


Camping in the Rain

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