Maisy Came to Story Time

One of our local libraries holds regular ‘story time’ sessions for toddlers and pre-school children led by the very enthusiastic Monica. She reads stories to the gathered crowd and sings their favourite songs encouraging everyone to join in with the actions. It’s lots of fun! I took Ella and Charlie along this Monday and Maisy was making a special appearance. Charlie was none-the-wiser but Ella seemed to enjoy it. Pictures to follow….


Maisy Came to Story Time

Happy Birthday Trace

Ella and Charlie were invited to Trace’s 2nd birthday party this morning at a children’s play centre. They had an absolute ball and the facilities were great. There was a dedicated area for 3’s and under with soft play, ball pool, slides, push cars etc. After enjoying some party snacks the children were all delighted when the pinata appeared. This is something we hadn’t come across in Scotland but is lots of fun – the game is played by hanging the pinata (or an adult holding it as Trace’s dad did) and each child takes a turn to pull a ribbon from the bottom until it opens up and everyone shares the treats inside. After lots of fun Ella was naturally reluctant to leave…..

Birthday Boy Trace enjoying some fairy bread


Whitney and new baby Spencer


Ella & Hugh driving


Hugh, Maddie, Ella & Kerrigan enjoying party treats


Everyone focused on the pinata


Charlie & Ella playing together


Whitney being hidden in the balls by Maddie & Ella


Trace still going strong a few hours in



Happy Birthday Trace

The World’s Fastest Man

Alan & I are just back from the World Athletics Tour Melbourne where we watched the world’s fastest man, Asafa Powell.  His 100m race really was over in the blink of an eye.  It was a beautiful night here and there was a big crowd cheering on their own althletes – a good few made Olympic qualifying times which added to the atmosphere.

We walked back along the Yarra river from Olympic Park into the city.  The Melbourne skyline is pretty impressive all lit up at night.


The World’s Fastest Man

Our Local Parks

We wandered along to Cowderoy Park this morning, stopping first in the cafe for coffee and a snack. It’s so welcoming going in there as everyone knows us and they chat away to Ella. Charlie’s really enjoying the park now and climbing is one of his favourite pastimes.

Time to escape….


Ella pushing her beloved Sammy on the swing


Pushing the swing was more fun than being on the swing today


This afternoon, we hopped on the tram along to Richardson Street park to meet Fi, Hugh and little Rory. Ella was delighted to see Hugh and it was lovely to have a chat with Fi.


Our Local Parks

Family in Training

Since we decided to run in the ‘Race for Kids’ Ella has taken a keen interest in our running gear.  On the weekend whilst walking around Healesville, a group of tourists walked by all wearing sports shoes to which Ella announced “Look Mummy, they’re all wearing their running shoes”.

Alan was tidying up his running gear last week while Maz, Blanche & I got ready for a run and Ella decided to wear every item of fluoro, high vis she could find.  A striking look don’t you think?  Probably speaks more for the weather and winter conditions we used to run in in Scotland!

Sore on the eyes….


Ella & Blanche


Charlie found it all rather hilarious



Family in Training

Camping at Healesville

We headed to Healesville this weekend and I’m glad to report the weather was completely the opposite of our last camping trip – approx 34 degrees! It’s funny how you forget to factor in occupying 2 toddlers in the time it takes to pitch a tent….a good hour was spent and its actually really hard work, especially in the sun. We explored the campsite which had a great children’s park and swimming pool – both Ella and Charlie were reluctant to come out of the water. Surprisingly they both went to bed fairly easily and Alan & I enjoyed a glass of wine with visits from the local residents, possums. These guys were tame enough to eat crackers from our hands.

Charlie supervising as we pitched the tent.


A tired and hot Ella lay down at the first opportunity!


Alan surveying his campsite


Ella & Charlie in action on the slides



Alan & Charlie in the pool


Ella ready for bed (she loves her Peppa Pig pyjamas)


Our night-time visitors


Up to mischief as Alan & I packed up


Once we packed up on Sunday morning we headed to Healesville Animal Sanctuary. Ella loves to see the animals and Charlie is just starting to appreciate them (although everything says ‘woof woof’ at the moment). All the fresh air and walking around took its toll and we had 2 sleeping babies on the car journey home.

Charlie kept befriending people and wandering off


Charlie & Alan


A tired Ella at the end of our visit



Camping at Healesville