A Relaxing Saturday

Auntie Mhairi and Harry took Ella to the zoo today much to her delight. We made the mistake of telling her early in the week that she was going and every day she’s been asking “When are we going to the zoo?”. She had lots of fun and Mhairi said she was in good form all day.

Harry & Ella at the start of the zoo adventure


Looking into the enclosures (note the lack of shorts…..toilets are not always easy to come by walking round the zoo!)


Cheeky Monkey


Ella decided to eat lunch lying on the ground


Walking with Harry


A visit to the Orangutans (Jo, Rob & Wilbur sponsored one for Ella & Charlie)


All that walking is tiring when you’re 2 (how protective can a little girl be of Dora’s backpack?)


Alan & I took Charlie to gymbaroo this morning. He has no fear on the play equipment. We then headed into the city to buy new running shoes (as Alan has us all entered into the Race for Kids) before going to lunch at The Great Provider at St Kilda Marina with Jill and Dave. The food was delicious. We enjoyed a walk along to Elwood beach before heading back to hear all about Ella’s zoo activities.

Alan is now away to the Rugby with Mark, Mhairi & Harry went off to grab dinner, the babies are sound asleep so the house is peaceful…..bliss.


A Relaxing Saturday

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