It’s Monday Already….

…..the weekend always seems to go so fast.  We spent the morning in Cowderoy park with Jenni, William and baby Darcy. Ella, William and Charlie were absolutely filthy playing in sand/dirt. They spent a good 30 mins playing with playdough and making it into pies adding gravel, bark, grass etc. The pictures show the mess they were in.

Charlie, William & Ella


William & Ella


Time for a snack


Darcy taking a nap in the pram


A very messy Charlie (I had to bath E & C before lunch)


We were hoping to meet Fiona, Hugh & Rory this afternoon but we had to wait for a new washing machine to be delivered. Somewhat typically given a 3-5 time slot they showed up at 4:30 so we only had time for a quick visit to the park beside home before dinner. Still, I shouldn’t complain – after 2 weeks of no washing machine I’m delighted to have a replacement! When you have laundry for 3 adults and 2 children its easy to accumulate a small mountain.


It’s Monday Already….

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