Happy Birthday Trace

Ella and Charlie were invited to Trace’s 2nd birthday party this morning at a children’s play centre. They had an absolute ball and the facilities were great. There was a dedicated area for 3’s and under with soft play, ball pool, slides, push cars etc. After enjoying some party snacks the children were all delighted when the pinata appeared. This is something we hadn’t come across in Scotland but is lots of fun – the game is played by hanging the pinata (or an adult holding it as Trace’s dad did) and each child takes a turn to pull a ribbon from the bottom until it opens up and everyone shares the treats inside. After lots of fun Ella was naturally reluctant to leave…..

Birthday Boy Trace enjoying some fairy bread


Whitney and new baby Spencer


Ella & Hugh driving


Hugh, Maddie, Ella & Kerrigan enjoying party treats


Everyone focused on the pinata


Charlie & Ella playing together


Whitney being hidden in the balls by Maddie & Ella


Trace still going strong a few hours in



Happy Birthday Trace

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