Culinary Delights

Alan & Neil had been out enjoying a beverage (or 10) on Friday night so were both suffering a bit when Ella & Charlie woke them at the crack of dawn this morning! We grabbed breakfast at Cowderoy Dairy then had some fun in the park. Poor Ella fell off her chair in the cafe and it took a lot of consoling to stop the tears.

Yummy Vegemite


Ella & Mummy


Alan & Charlie with Neil & Ella


In the afternoon we headed into the city with Jill & Dave to the Great Aussie BBQ – part of the Food and Wine Festival. For $35 you could choose 4 tasting plates and there was a great selection. Ikea had sponsored a kids club too so Ella was able to do some colouring etc.

Charlie is a handful on the tram


Ella insisting on feeding Auntie Jill her juice (shortly followed by spilling the contents all over Uncle Dave!)


Cheeky Monkey



Culinary Delights

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