Charlie in Childcare

Today was Charlie’s first time in Treehouse, the childcare centre that Ella goes to on a Wednesday.  It was just a half day orientation to get him used to it but it didn’t go particularly well.  I spent 30 mins with him then the staff suggested I go and they’d call if need be.  I walked in the house and my mobile rang – Treehouse “Can you come back, Charlie won’t settle”.  As a mum, the guilt was overwhelming and I couldn’t get there quick enough!

When I got back he wouldn’t even settle for his nap with me so we played for a few hours, well I watched and tried to let the staff get to know Charlie.  When it was time for lunch the tiredness took over and he fell asleep in the high chair.  Poor baby so I took him home and he slept for a few hours.  We’re trying again tomorrow to see how he goes…..


Charlie in Childcare

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