Chilly Monday

Today was the first day I’ve needed to put jackets and beanies on Ella & Charlie.  Here they are dressed to go to the park this morning to meet William & Frankie…..

Unfortunately it rained so I called William and Frankie’s mums to come over to our house to play instead.  It was fun and the children all had lunch together.  Charlie is much more able to keep up with Ella’s friends now and joins in with them running up and down the hall.  There was only 1 collision but Charlie came off worst!

This afternoon we met Hugh and Maddie in the park much to Ella’s delight.  I got a puncture on the pram but thankfully Brian pumped the tyre enough to get us home.

Ella and Charlie were both very tired tonight although as you can see below Ella was determined not to give in until she’d watch all of Angelina Ballerina.  Charlie however almost lost it when he couldn’t quite reach his milk in the kitchen……stamping his feet and lots of tears.


Chilly Monday

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