Out & About

Here are some pictures of Ella & Charlie out and about over the last few days. We went for our usual trip to the local shops for bread & milk (why do we never have enough?????) one afternoon with Charlie on the trike and Ella pushing her dolls pram. The walk is a kilometre each way and with it being late in the afternoon, Ella was over it on the return leg……

This morning Alan had to go off to a meeting for a while so Ella, Charlie & I hung out in our local park. Charlie took a liking to another girls ‘very pink’ trike and Ella thought it hilarious to push him around.


Out & About

Riding on the Trams

Both Ella & Charlie love riding on the trams, particularly when they’re not stuck in a pram! So, this morning I took them into the city on the 112 tram and we hopped on the City Circle tram. Its a free tram largely for tourist purposes but it does a big loop right around the city. They were both delighted, Ella took great delight in pointing out Telstra Dome where she goes to the football with Daddy.

Waiting at the tram stop on our street

Ella on the circle tram

Charlie on the circle tram

Having a snack along the way….

Watching the view back up LaTrobe Street


Riding on the Trams

Happy 3rd Birthday Kyle & Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel

Yesterday was a busy party day for us!

In the morning we went to Rarebears playcentre to celebrate Kyle’s 3rd birthday. He was very excited and Ella & Charlie had a ball.

Kyle tucking into his birthday cake…..

……and Ella & Hugh enjoying it too!

Charlie playing

Hugh, Ella & Charlie playing in the house

and Rory joining in on the action….

Very Competitive at table football

In the afternoon it was time to celebrate with Daniel at McDonalds. It was fun watching Ella start to learn party games such as pass the parcel and musical statues.

Ella & Daniel

Ella coming off the slide

Everyone together

Ella dancing

Birthday Tea

Happy Birthday Daniel


Happy 3rd Birthday Kyle & Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel

A Farewell Gathering

We held a farewell party for our friends Fiona, Mark, Hugh & Rory on Saturday. Although none of us want them to go home to Ireland we enjoyed spending time with their friends and wishing them the best of luck. They only have a month left in Melbourne so hopefully we’ll get to spend some time with them before they go! Here’s some pics.

All the Boys

All the Girls

Mark & Rory

Gathering goodies from the pinata

Hugh enjoying some jellybeans!

Alan & I with Rory


Hugh and Ella taking a break….

Mark, Ella, Fiona & Hugh


A Farewell Gathering

Running in the dark

As we near our shortest day here in the southern hemisphere, it has been getting darker each morning I head out for my run. Today was the first morning that it was still dark when I finished.

Charlie wakens around 5.30 each morning so I usually take him out just after 6 in the jogger. Although, Kirstin has been stealing my slot some mornings – not that I’ve complained too much!

Since the race we recently took part in, I’ve managed to keep up a decent mileage so I’ll probably do a half marathon that’s coming up in June. I’m then thinking that I’m going to do another full marathon – the Melbourne race is in October – we’ll see!


Running in the dark