Weekend in Adelaide

We spent last weekend (Thurs-Sun) visiting friends in Adelaide.  Bryan, Fiona & Rachel were friends of ours in Scotland so it still feels odd to visit them in a different city in Australia!!!  Its only a short flight but a tired Charlie made for a loud landing into Adelaide before he gave in to sleep.

Charlie playing peekaboo

Mummy & Ella

Happily occupied for a few minutes!

Ella enjoyed going along to Rachel’s school assembly on Friday while Alan & Bryan were off golfing. She revelled in the attention from Rachel and her friends and kept saying she was a “big girl too”.

Ella & Rachel watching a movie

Charlie plays with anything with wheels!

Tiredness eventually took over

We took them to a play centre on Saturday morning much to their delight.


Rachel having her face painted

And now Ella’s turn

2 very tired girls come the evening….


Weekend in Adelaide

Holiday Monday

Yesterday was a public holiday.  Ella had her last sleepover at Hugh’s on Sunday night and I picked them up in the morning for a trip to the park.  They were both delighted to see Maddie there as she’s just come back to Melbourne after a trip home to America.  Unfortunately the park got rained off.

Ella had lunch at Maddie’s and played for a few hours.  Jill & Dave came over to ours for a while then we pottered around in the house in the afternoon.

Ella was exhausted and fell asleep at 5 only to wake deciding she needed dinner!! Tiredness resumed and she went straight to bed.

Mhairi & Harry babysat while Alan & I enjoyed dinner out together.


Holiday Monday