Weekend trip to Ballarat

We headed to a very cold Ballarat last weekend to stay over at Amanda’s parents place.  It’s always nice to escape and we all had a relaxing time.

The trip in the car was too much for Charlie

But Ella kept herself occupied

Ella & Olivia walking to the park

Charlie, Sophie, Ella & Olivia in the park

Charlie attempting the monkey bars

Playing Dress-Ups

Father & Son

Engrossed in a movie

Reading the farm book

All wrapped up for a walk to feed the ducks on Sunday morning

Sleepyheads as Alan drove home


Weekend trip to Ballarat

Daniel Came to Play

Dora, Daniel and Yianni visited last week and we headed to the park to tire the little ones out.  Ella and Daniel played really well together, Charlie tried to keep up and Yianni took it all in from his the safety of his pram!

Charlie took a big nap when we got home and Ella asked to paint.  I should have been concerned that it was so quiet and this is what I found….


Daniel Came to Play

Happy Birthday Ella

Our little girl turned 3 today and she seems so grown up!  We had a lovely morning opening presents and speaking to grandparents on skype before heading out for Charlie & Ella’s swimming lessons, stopping for a birthday baby cino along the way.

My new bike

The birthday girl in as much pink as she could find

An early morning baby cino

Ready for my swim class

In action listening to Katherine

This afternoon Amanda, Olivia & Sophie came to visit then Auntie Jill, Auntie Mhairi & Harry came for birthday tea.  Blanche joined us for cake!!

Olivia & Ella

Cooking up dinner

Storytime with Auntie Jill (Ella in her Dora costume)

Happy Birthday Ella


Happy Birthday Ella

Charlie’s 18mth Assessment

I took Charlie for his 18 month health/development assessment this afternoon.  The nurse was happy with his progress getting him to build towers with blocks, draw with crayons, point to his eyes/nose etc. and generally watching him as he bulldozed his way around her room.  He weighed in at 14.045 kg (fractionally less than Ella at same age), length 57cm (3cm longer than Ella) and his head measured 50.3cm (2.3cm bigger than Ella).


Charlie’s 18mth Assessment

Ella’s 3rd Birthday Party

We had Ella’s birthday party this morning at Collingwood Children’s Farm.  It had rained most of the previous night and still looked grey this morning but luckily for Ella the rain held off for a few hours and she ran around the farm happily with her little friends.  Erin, our host, took us to milk the cow, for a ride around the farm on the tractor and for a tour of feeding the animals before we stopped for birthday tea & cake.  Here are some pictures.

Ella & Daddy

The birthday cake (before the cheeky crows swooped to steal 2!!)

All aboard for a tractor ride

Ella & Amelia on the tractor

Harvey & Kerrigan feeding the sheep

Ella, Jimmy & Amelia getting a closer look at the horses

Frankie with Ella

Charlie LOVED feeding the goats

The 3 Amigos! (Jimmy, Amelia & Ella all go to Treehouse together on a Wednesday and it was the first time as parents we’ve seen them all together and they had a ball)

Ella & Jimmy

Having a chat with Emily

Ella feeding the chickens

And Charlie chasing them!

Time for birthday tea

Happy Birthday to Ella

Let’s choose my cupcake


Time for some climbing with Harvey

And climbing a tree with Blanche

New farm residents…..born last night

Time to go home…..Ella & Zoe walked backwards towards the carpark

With Charlie in pursuit

We all had a great morning and Ella was was overwhelmed with all her lovely presents, a very happy and a very lucky little girl!


Ella’s 3rd Birthday Party