China, running and cold weather

I had another business trip to China last week, these trips have been really interesting and it always amazes me just how different our cultures and lifestyles can be. My hosts have always been very, very friendly and I enjoy my time there although I do miss my family and I’m always glad to be back home. I had a bit of an epic journey getting there, nearly missing my plane out (I got my times mixed up and arrived at the airport 25 minutes before take-off – not good for a long haul flight!). We were then told that there was a typhoon hitting Hong Kong which may have forced us to divert to Taiwan – in the end, the pilot stated he would ‘give the landing a go’ and we landed at the first attempt. Then once in the airport I found out that all the ferries to the mainland were canceled, so it was the ‘slow bus to China’ for me. After 3 sets of customs and immigration later I finally arrived quite weary in my hotel – it was also around 30 degrees and 90% humidity.

That was Wednesday and I arrived back in Melbourne on Friday so it was a real ‘flying’ visit.

My training for the marathon in October is progressing well and I’m now up to 21km’s on my long runs, adding around 2km’s per week. The target is to get to around 32km’s before tailing off. I do 1 long run per week, then during the week, I do a range of shorter runs, mixing up different speeds, hills, beach work and also a couple of cycle trips. It seems a lot but because I’ve built up to it I’m enjoying it and really feeling the benefit. It’s just a pity that beer doesn’t help!! – I keep trying but to no avail.

Compared to the last 2 winters we’ve experienced here, this is definitely the coldest we’ve had. It seems a long time ago that we had some warm weather. I was looking at the charts for last year and we had a few days in August into the 20’s and 1 day reached 26 degrees – I wish it would hurry up! Here is an article from the local newspaper today.


China, running and cold weather

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