This morning I took Ella and Charlie to Scienceworks with Kaylene and Toby. It was my first visit and it’s a fantastic place for children of all ages. There are sections specifically for the younger ones and they darted from place to place not sure what to look at first. Ella was excited to show me the things she’d enjoyed last time they visited with Alan. There’s a ‘building site’ and it’s funny to watch all the children assume different roles from working the conveyer belt to loading the bricks into wheelbarrows and then using the hoists to lift the bricks back up to build at the top. We spent a couple of hours there before grabbing lunch and heading home. Charlie fell asleep in the car!

Thankfully I managed to get Charlie into his bed without disturbing him and Ella enjoyed making a picture for her beloved little Hugh – I’ve to be sure not to damage it when I mail it to Ireland. Later we met Whitney, Maddie & Spencer for a baby cino then some fun in the park were Emily joined in too.

Two exhausted children were sound asleep in bed aroun 6:45……a record!!



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