Friday Adventures

Ella had asked me recently if we could go for another trip on the Circle tram which runs around the city so today was the day!  We headed out early and stopped at Mhairi’s work to meet her for coffee & baby cinos only to find she was working from home……typical.  Ella, Charlie and I hopped onto the Circle tram and enjoyed the sights.  Ella chatted to anyone who sat next to her and Charlie promptly fell asleep (he’s still a bit run down after having the cold all week).

Ella on the Circle Tram

Charlie enjoyed the first 15 mins before he fell asleep

Charlie (still looking sleepy) & Ella on the tram home

On our way home we stopped in at Jill’s so Charlie could see his beloved cats then we headed home for lunch.

This afternoon we met Marie & Frankie in the park.  Mhairi was with me so she supervised Ella’s cycling while I pushed Charlie in the pram.

Ella on the swing

Charlie on the swing

Fearless Frankie on the slide

Charlie on the motorbike


Charlie playing with the bark

On our way home from the park Ella got ahead of herself with her peddaling skills.  A combination of speed and lack of steering ability saw her fall off her bike for the first time.  No injuries and she climbed straight back on.


Friday Adventures

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