A very sick wife and quality Dad time

Kirstin has been quite poorly this weekend which has meant I’ve had some quality ‘Dad time’ with Ella and Charlie. On friday evening I picked them up from Whitney, who had kindly looked after them for a while that afternoon, and we then went out to a local Italian restaurant on Fitzroy Street for an early dinner. We had pizza, pasta and apple juice all round and we had a great time.

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early, while Ella watched some kids TV, Charlie and I headed out for a run along St Kilda foreshore. They have just created scale model of the solar system that stretches for about 6km, we joined at the bronze sculpture of Saturn and ran on past the planets and eventually reached the large model of the sun – it really makes you appreciate the sheer size of it. Once we got back and had breakfast, the three of us headed to the Aquarium which is always a hit. We spent the remainder of the day in the garden – tidying, weeding and potting.

On Sunday, we awoke to another beautiful spring morning, although daylight saving had started and our clocks went forward an hour, we were up nice and early. This time the three of us went out to a new local cafe, Nacional, for our breakfast. It’s a great spot and the kids love all the toys and the relaxed atmosphere. Then we walked into Middle Park village and had a juice at our friends cafe. Then we headed off to  South Melbourne market for our weekly provisions – the selection of fresh food is fantastic and Ella particularly likes watching me consume a couple of oyster shots at the fish counter. When we got back we had lunch with K and with Charlie off for his nap I took Ella in the running stroller for a couple of laps around Albert Park lake. The plan for the rest of the day is to relax, enjoy the nice weather and cook some food on the barbie a bit later.

Hopefully Kirstin will be back to her usual self soon as although we’ve had fun, we all miss her!


A very sick wife and quality Dad time

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