Mummy & Ella Time

Charlie woke way too early on Saturday morning (5:15) which had the knock on effect of him taking a nap mid morning instead of lunchtime which in turn led to him falling asleep in his dinner, literally!!  I cleaned him up, changed his nappy, put his pyjamas on and into bed all while he was sound asleep at 5:45.

It might sound cruel to say but Ella was delighted to have some mummy time to herself (Alan was at the football) without fighting for my attention with Charlie.  I have to say the next few hours before ‘normal’ bedtime were decidedly quieter.  Ella had a bath, she insisted her hair was to stay dry so here she is in her very attractive shower cap:

After bathtime we read her Dora books then she was ready for bed.  She dropped off easily after a relaxing evening.


Mummy & Ella Time

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