Happy 1st Birthday Darcy

Ella & Charlie were invited to Darcy’s 1st birthday party this morning in the park.  Charlie played with the cars all morning, stopping occasionally to grab something to eat.  Ella played with William and tried to help keep Charlie within the confines of the park (he was determined to escape).

Darcy being taken for a ride by Grandma


Ella & Charlie


Happy Birthday Darcy with mummy, daddy and big brother William



Happy 1st Birthday Darcy

Goodbye Turner’s & Welcome Home Mhairi & Harry

We enjoyed our last day with Greg, Laura & Lily – had a leisurely breakfast at Cowderoy’s Dairy, visited Ruby & Poppy in hospital and then chilled out in the garden in the afternoon. It was sad to say goodbye as we’ve all really enjoyed them staying with us.  I know that we’re going to hear “Where’s Greg?” from Charlie a lot this week.

Mhairi & Harry arrived home safely from India this morning (thankfully they were nowhere near Mumbai) and they came to visit Ruby & Poppy this evening with me.

Harry with Poppy




Me feeding Ruby



Goodbye Turner’s & Welcome Home Mhairi & Harry