Goodbye Friends

On Saturday we enjoyed spending time with Whitney, Brian, Maddie & Spencer at their farewell party.  Its not sunk in yet that they actually leave the country in only 2 short weeks.  I’m going to miss them and I know for sure Ella will miss Maddie.  We’ll just need to chat on skype!!

Me, Andrea with Aidan, Becka with Grant, Whitney with Spencer and Carolyn

Trace & Charlie decided to play in the dirt, at first Maddie looked on as if “Why would you do that!”

Then decided “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

Brian with Spencer

Maddie contemplating the best way to devour her cupcake!

Spencer, Whitney, Brian with Maddie, Me with Ella, Alan with Charlie and Kerrigan

Pinata time – Charlie pulling the ribbon which released all the goodies

Whitney with Spencer, Me, Carolyn, Andrea with Aidan, Gillian with Violet, Jennifer & Becka

(Ella & Clayton in front)


Goodbye Friends

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