Hello Mum/Grandma

I’m so glad to say that mum arrived yesterday, just having your mum around makes everything seem so much better!  Her flight came in around 2a.m. and Alan surprised her by stopping at the hospital on the way home for her first glimpse of Ruby & Poppy.  It was lovely the next morning as the first thing Ella did when she woke was to jump in beside Grandma and give her big cuddles.  Charlie wandered around asking “Where’s Grandad?” – he asked this most of the day.

Mum took Ella & Charlie along to Cowderoy Park in the morning and we all visited Ruby & Poppy in the afternoon before having a family dinner at our house with Jill & Dave and Mhairi & Harry.  The guys decided it was a good time to ‘wet the babies heads’ so out came the whisky.  Mum joined them but it must have been enough to push her over the edge as bedtime quickly followed.  Ella slept beside Grandma – not sure which of them was happier!!

Dinner Time


Storytime with Uncle Dave


Ella asleep in Grandma’s Bed



Hello Mum/Grandma

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