A Busy Day

Today was another hectic day in the Donaldson household.  We dropped Alan to work then Ella, Charlie and I headed to the hospital to visit Ruby & Poppy.  Ella & Charlie were in great form and chatted away to the nurses.  We then met Kaylene, Harvey & Toby for coffee and baby cinos before doing a spot of shopping. By this point E & C were getting fed up so we headed home for some rest/quiet time.



In the afternoon we headed to the park to meet Andrea with Kyle, Kaleb and Aidan.  We hadn’t seen them in a few weeks so it was great to catch up.  We grabbed a milkshake with Blanche on the way home and after dinner Mhairi came with me to the hospital and Alan was left in charge of bedtime!!

Here’s some recent photos:


Auntie Jill with Poppy





Visiting their sisters – do they look like they’re up to something?


Hands full!


Auntie Mhairi with Poppy



A Busy Day

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