Penguins at the Aquarium

Another day dawned and the temp hadn’t dropped much below 30 through the night. To avoid the heat we headed to the Aquarium to see the new penguin exhibit with Andrea and her boys Kyle, Kaleb & Aidan.

Ella & Charlie watching the penguins


Say Cheese


Andrea with Poppy


Me with Charlie & Ruby


Ella, Kaleb, Kyle & Charlie having some snacks


In the afternoon I put some cold water in the bath and Ella & Charlie played in there for over an hour, anything to keep cool!!


Penguins at the Aquarium

Cooling Off at the Beach

We’re in the middle of the forecasted heatwave and let me tell you it’s not much fun! The air con has been on all day but at the height of the day when it was 44 outside it could only keep the house at 33.  In a vain attempt to ool down we headed over to the beach about 8:30 last night – while it was still 42 the water was delightfully cool.  Ella and Charlie had a great time and Jill & Dave joined us for a while too.




Cooling Off at the Beach

Getting Ready for a Scorcher

We are in for a sweltering week with Melbourne set to face its hottest week in 100 years.   Tuesday through Saturday are forecast to be 38, 41, 40, 40, 40.   Four consecutive days above 40 degrees is going to make life a little unbearable especially as our bedrooms don’t have air con and the minimum night temp will be around 24!  Its not ideal timing as Melburnians struggle to keep their water usage to 155 litres per person to counter diminishing water supplies.


Getting Ready for a Scorcher

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day and a public holiday for all.  We headed into the city once we got ourselves organised, no mean feat I can assure you when 4 children are involved!!  We wandered along Southbank stopping for lunch and ice cream before going into Alexandra Gardens to join in with the festivities.  We met up with Andrea & Chris and their boys Kyle, Kaleb & Aidan.  The kids loved the farm animals, looking at the fire trucks and watching the Australia Day institution which is the ‘Great Duck Race’. Yes, this is when thousands of yellow rubber ducks race along a section of the Yarra River with the first duck into the Parks Victoria Duck Catcher at the end of the 200-metre course winning a new Mitsubishi Lancer.  How exciting!

Eating Ice Cream and having a chat along Southbank




You can’t catch me Daddy


In Action


Poppy & Charlie in the pram


Andrea with Aidan


The Big Race


Ella was a bit unsure of being in the Fire Truck


Kyle & Ella playing



Australia Day

Angelina Ballerina

I spent a wonderful morning with Ella today.  We went to see the English National Ballet’s production of Angelina Ballerina at the Arts Centre.  Ella was a little overwhelmed by the scale of the venue and because there’s no narrative in Ballet she was asking lots of questions (to the annoyance of some older kids around us).  She befriended a little girl called Holly during the interval and they chatted about their Angelina DVDs.  Quality mummy and daughter time!





Angelina Ballerina