Never a Dull Moment….

In this household there’s no time for dull moments!!  Grandma & Grandpa took Ella & Charlie to the park on Monday morning, they were tired out and Grandpa had to carry Charlie home as he fell asleep. Later that evening I went for my first run in months with Mhairi & Blanche.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to feeling some notion of fitness again. Ella was delighted because she then went for a sleepover at Blanche’s house.

Auntie Jill spent the day with us on Tuesday and we managed a couple of outings with all 4 babies.  It’s amazing how even walking around the block seems like an achievement at the moment.  Alan & I were supposed to take Ella & Charlie to the football at night but we were so exhausted that an early night won us over instead.

We had an emotional morning today with Ella & Charlie both starting in new rooms at Treehouse.  Ella’s regular little friends didn’t move with her which upset her a little but apparently she settled quickly and had a great day.  Charlie was a whole different story – he had only just settled into his previous room and was comfortable with the staff (after 8 months) so today was heartbreaking for him.  He was upset most of the day and latched on to one of the carers.  Hopefully he’ll settle in again soon.   Grandma & Grandpa looked after Ruby & Poppy today and I went into the office with Alan to clear down his mountain of paperwork.

Here’s some recent pictures:






Never a Dull Moment….

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