Australia Day

Today is Australia Day and a public holiday for all.  We headed into the city once we got ourselves organised, no mean feat I can assure you when 4 children are involved!!  We wandered along Southbank stopping for lunch and ice cream before going into Alexandra Gardens to join in with the festivities.  We met up with Andrea & Chris and their boys Kyle, Kaleb & Aidan.  The kids loved the farm animals, looking at the fire trucks and watching the Australia Day institution which is the ‘Great Duck Race’. Yes, this is when thousands of yellow rubber ducks race along a section of the Yarra River with the first duck into the Parks Victoria Duck Catcher at the end of the 200-metre course winning a new Mitsubishi Lancer.  How exciting!

Eating Ice Cream and having a chat along Southbank




You can’t catch me Daddy


In Action


Poppy & Charlie in the pram


Andrea with Aidan


The Big Race


Ella was a bit unsure of being in the Fire Truck


Kyle & Ella playing



Australia Day

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